Line Maintenance

        According to approved scope of work (FAR-285) LLC «Spektr-Avia Technics» offers the line maintenance for aircraft:

  • Boeing 737 NG
  • Airbus A320 Family
  • RRJ-95
 Maintenance is included the following: Preflight-check, daily-check, service-check, A-check.


  • meeting / release of aircraft (full cycle);
  • support towing aircraft;
  • call for special equipment necessary for servicing the aircraft at the parking;
  • connection of the power source to the aircraft;
  • drain and refill the water system;
  • maintenance of bathrooms;
  • provision of ground handling facilities (fire extinguishers, shoes, stepladders);
  • reception / delivery of aircraft from / to the crew;
  • receipt / transfer of aircraft from / to the aviation security for storage;
  • de-icing supportorganization of refueling aircraft.
  • balancing of the flight control surfaces by the method of calculation B737NG;
  • elevator balancing (with dismantled) B737NG;
  • rudder balancing (with dismantled) B737NG;
  • aileron balancing (with dismantling) B737NG;
  • elevator weighting (with dismounting) A320;
  • aircraft weighting.
Additional Services
Additional Services
  • Supporting aircraft painting,CRS after painting;
  • Additional work including modifications, AD, SB, TBS;
  • Development of maintenance job cards;
  • Structure Repair of aircraft;
  • Complete external aircraft washing;
  • Removal of flight data with transfer to the Customer;
  • Cleaning the cockpit glass;
  • Refueling aircraft oil (engines);
  • Aircraft refueling with fluids (hydraulics);
  • Charging the Aircraft with Nitrogen (wheels);
  • MEL procedures, crew briefing, call consultation;
  • Equipment rental and Certifying Staff;
  • Interior maintenance.